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The rise of streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on companies like Sky. Most homes now have ultra-fast broadband and a range of streaming services available. Satellite TV may seem expensive and outdated by comparison.

However, Sky has adapted to survive; in doing so has come up with something truly revolutionary. Sky Q offers the best of both worlds. It manages to be the same Sky TV we know and love, but also offers the newest innovations in entertainment.


High-definition TV is becoming increasingly old-hat as we draw closer to 2021. Ultra-HD is fast becoming the new standard as more and more TV sets adopt it. Streaming services are also now offering ultra-HD, and soon, this will be the accepted norm.

Older Sky boxes didn’t offer ultra-HD, but Sky Q has been designed with the future in mind. Channels that have adopted ultra-HD have now been added to Sky Q, and more are due to be added as time goes on.

This is also true of Sky Movies and Sky Sports. Therefore, making Sky Q the ideal package for those keen to take advantage of the latest visual upgrades in entertainment.

Netflix Integration

Watching-netfix-with-Sky-QNetflix has become the world’s most dominant streaming service. It could be argued that they are the company behind Sky and other competitors needing to adapt to stay current. Netflix pushes out more original quality content than any other studio service, bringing it straight into the homes of its subscribers.

They took advantage of the advances in high-speed broadband to deliver an entertainment service of the future. And one that had no reliance on cable or satellite TV. However, once they were both able, Sky and Netflix both willingly entered a mutually beneficial partnership.

In reality, though its Sky customers who benefit the most. Sky Q packages now come bundled with Netflix, meaning customers can enjoy the content of both. They can also stream Netflix through their Sky Q box, both in multiple rooms and devices. As well as switch between Sky and Netflix content seamlessly.

Sky Q joining forces with Netflix shows that the company is looking for new ways to appeal to customers. It also helps them remain more relevant than ever. Many UK customers love Sky and may have considered leaving them to use streaming services instead. Now they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Media apps

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service partnered with Sky. Disney Plus, YouTube, Spotify, and many more apps can also be used via Sky Q. Making Sky now a multimedia streaming hub for the modern home, rather than just a traditional TV box.

Unlike Netflix, the other media apps will need a separate subscription to use in full unless it’s the free ones like YouTube. But this still means that customers can enjoy Sky like they always have, as well as any other streaming services that wish to use through it.

Sky Go

Sky Go isn’t a new feature; the service has existed for quite some time. But Sky Q has given it new life. Through Sky Go, all Sky (and other streaming) content can be enjoyed on multiple devices. The service is more assessable than ever. It can be used on all sorts of devices in and out of the home.

Sky customers may also have multiroom, enjoying Sky TV in more than one room. But they can use Sky Go to watch TV in even more rooms using the Sky Go app. For example, if they have a games console or smart TV that can run the app, they can watch Sky through that too.

Finally, Sky Go can be used through iPads, smartphones, and various other tablet devices. This means customers can watch Sky content while on the go, or away from home anytime they like. It’s also included in the price of Sky Q. This makes Sky now a lot like other streaming services like Netflix.

Exclusive content

The most significant benefit of Sky Q is the same as it’s always been; exclusive programming. Not only does Sky offer all the same UK programming as any other broadcaster, but they also feature lots more than any other. Be it entertainment from Fox and exclusive sports deals; Sky also boasts an agreement with HBO that gives them exclusive access to TV from the United States and elsewhere.

Sky Atlantic is the jewel in Sky Q’s crown. Offering all the highest-rated TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Chernobyl. And this is just the start; there’s also so much more.

In many ways, Sky Q is the same Sky TV that UK customers have always enjoyed, plus they both require a satellite dish to receive the live channels. However, with Sky Q offering so many benefits made possible by modern technology, it’s become more relevant and valuable than ever.

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