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TV Wall Mount Installation Leeds

We have many years of experience in the TV bracket installation for LED, LCD and Plasma flat screen televisions. This is very important, because hanging a TV on a wall is not always straight forward and we have been to many homes where the homeowner has had a go and made some major mistakes.

When we fix your TV to the wall using either our brackets or your TV bracket, it stays up. We use the correct wall fixings necessary to firmly attach the bracket to that wall and to take the weight of the television. Our experience and professionalism in TV Wall Mounting Installation Leeds will save you both time and money in the long run.

TV Bracket Installation Leeds

We have the experience in fitting all type of TV brackets, from flat, flat & tilt, cantilever TV brackets plus ones with shelves and more complicated designs. Before deciding to book us in for a Mount TV on Wall Service in Leeds, it is always useful for customers to speak to us and talk through the job. Where the Television will be fitted, and what type of wall it is going on, is cable management required etc. This can end up saving time and money, so please feel free to give us a call for some free advice.

Types of TV Brackets we Supply

There are quit a few different types of wall brackets for TV’s. We can advise you on which would be best for your TV installation based on where and what kind of wall it is going on. The need for it to be movable or if it is OK to be left in a static position. Plus, where the power socket is and how many cables such as HDMI, coax, optics etc are required. Also, since we do this every week, we know which are the best TV wall brackets to use and we can provide these for you. So, before buying your own TV bracket, request more info on a TV Wall Mounting Service Leeds and we can talk you through the whole process.

Cable Management

Unless you are happy with the cables running from the back of your wall mounted TV to hang down loosely, you will require cable management. There are a few ways to hide and tidy out the cables. One is to chase a channel out of the wall, lay the cables in it and plaster over. They can also be hidden within a stud wall, or the cables can be hidden in a surface mounted piece of trunking. Whatever version you require, we can do it for you.

Soundbars and Shelves

Along with out TV wall mounting service Leeds, we also do soundbar installation and shelving. Because most TV’s have some sort of additional sound system, we often get asked to fit a sound bar on a wall near or underneath where the TV is being installed. Also, with other systems such as sky receivers and DVD players quite often a shelf unit is also needed to be fitted too. For more info on this please call as we can provide a range of units to suit your needs.

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