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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fit a TV aerial?

The price does depend on quite a few different factors, so to give you an accurate cost of how much an aerial installation will cost you, you are best to call us and we can go through a few questions before coming to a fairly accurate price for you. However, on average an aerial install to one room in the house costs approx £150.

How long does it take to install an aerial?

This will depend on how many rooms aerial will be feeding. But, for just an aerial to one room usually takes between an hour and a half to two hours to complete.

Do BT install aerials?

BT engineers do not fit aerials. If you are using a youview BT box from BT and need an aerial, BT will advise you to book in a local aerial fitter to do that for you.

How do I add an extra TV aerial Socket?

To install an extra TV aerial socket, a split will usually be taken off your current aerial and cable run from there to where the socket will be. Although this does depend on the signal strength of the current antenna.

Is a roof aerial better than a loft aerial?

For the strength of signal received the outdoor aerial wins hands down since an aerial fitted in a loft can have a reduce signal strength by up to 50%. However, one fitted in the loft will last many years long since it is not exposed to the weather.

What is the best indoor aerial?

The best indoor aerial is one professionally fitted in your loft rather than one bought from Argos that plugs in behind your TV. These are awful.

Do I need a TV aerial if I have a Sky dish?

No, but if you want to watch Freeview terrestrial television in other rooms, that don’t have sky, then in this case you would need an aerial

Can I get Freeview through a Sky dish?

No, the only way to receive all the channels form Freeview is through a terrestrial digital TV antenna, and the internet for some channels.

Do I need an aerial to watch TV?

With Smart TV’s you can get some channels via the internet, but to receive all of the channels broadcast through Freeview is to use a TV Aerial

Can I get Freeview through WiFi?

Yes, but not all of the channels as of the time of writing this answer.

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