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Freesat Dish Installation Huddersfield

Freesat is a free to air satellite service offering over 200 Freesat channels. To view this, you will require a satellite dish installation & properly aligned plus, a digital receiver. We are Freesat installers for Huddersfield and the surrounding region.  For all Freesat Installation Huddersfield work including Freesat dish installation, Freesat Repairs and satellite dish alignment, give us a call for a free quote or advice.

Freesat can be picked up using the same dish as sky use, so if you have decided to stop paying for the subscription service, then you can quite easily swap over to Freesat. For more info, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Freesat Repairs Huddersfield

Are you experiencing problems with your satellite system? “Why does my box say no signal”? Sometimes the no signal message comes on the screen if we have selected the wrong input on the TV. Other times it can be due to a fault with the satellite dish. The dish may have moved, or the LNB has water in it, there are a few different reasons for loss of signal. In any case, we are expert in Satellite Dish Repairs for Huddersfield. Please feel free to call for advice.

LNB Replacement & Upgrades

The Freesat LNB is exactly the same as a standard Sky LNB, so in effect the same equipment can be used. If your LNB is old and weathered it can cause viewing problem with loss of picture, picture break up and fracture. It is a simple task to replace it and, in most cases, won’t require a new dish. There a quato, octo and single out put LNB’s that can be used for Freesat.

Distributing Freesat TV Around the Home

To watch your Freesat in another room in the house you can choose 2 different methods. One is to run extra cable from the satellite dish into the room of choice and plug this into a digital receiver ot Freesat ready television. The other is to use a HDMI splitter and run the cable into the room of choice direct into the back of the TV. The only problem with that way is that you will be tied to watching exactly what is playing on the Freesat box that it is connected to. For any advice on this please give us a call.

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We are fully qualified aerial & satellite engineers with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of these services. As well Freesat we are also independent sky engineers and digital TV aerial fitters .

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